He ran his first Finnmarksløpet, Europe’s longest sled dog race, in 1987 and has completed the northernmost sled dog race 13 times. He participated in the world’s longest sled dog race Iditarod, where he attended and finished in 2006. Nine years earlier, like a true pioneer, he went the same course on skis with one dog.

In the 1990s he ran both Ultra Marathons and ordinary Marathons. Once, Tore ran The Nordmarka Forest Marathon in Oslo and after finishing, he boarded a flight to Tromsø to run The Midnight Sun Marathon that very same night.

In 2016, he once again participated in The Iditarod Great Sled Race to celebrate his 10 year anniversary, but this time also in The Yukon Quest 1.000 Mile International Sled Dog Race.

He’s been skiing across Greenland, Svalbard and Alaska. He climbed some of the world’s highest peaks and is half way through completing his Seven Summits.

He is a man who never sticks out his head for attention or fame, although his track record suggests that he could certainly do just that. If you are lucky, Tore will be your guide and join you and the group for some of the activities.

With more than 40 years of experience in extreme challenges and long distance sled dog racing, Tore possesses natural leadership qualities. He puts the safety and wellbeing of others before his own and that is an important value for all our guides. Any challenge of nature is first and foremost about safety, safety, safety!

Tore Albrigtsen is a Certified Instructor for glaciers, mountaineering and kayaking. He enjoys nature’s joys and challenges.

Tore and his girlfriend Sandra share a unique life. They are truly a fascinating couple, who love their dogs and have such an incredible passion for the sport of sled dog racing.

The team

Sandra Sabine Gollor

Sandra is the heart and soul of the family business. She takes care of her beloved huskies, manages the office and looks after the well-being of the team.

She has the spirit of a true adventurer.

In 2016, Sandra went on a three-month long journey in Alaska to support Tore’s ambitions for sled dog racing. She felt blessed to be a part of this adventure and fell in love with the dream of long distance sled dog racing.

One year later, Sandra successfully competed in Europe’s longest sled dog race, Finnmarksløpet, and she has many more races to come.

Marina Irene Mehlum

Marina started working for Active Tromsø in winter 2013 and has been obsessed with the sport since.

She has always loved animals, especially huskies, and enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and running dogs.

Marina is deaf but she proofs that despite her disability, with hard work and determination, every dream can come true.

Leif Tome Gilsvik

Leif hails from the northeast corner of Minnesota and had the opportunity of knowing several mushing families while growing up. Some of his earliest memories involve watching the dog teams competing in the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Race through his backyard.

He started guiding dog sled trips full time in 2014, in the mountains of Montana, and his enthusiasm for the sport has grown even more.

When he’s not running dog teams, Leif enjoys exploring wild places via skis, packrafts, or with his own two feet. He is excited to experience mushing in the far North and looks forward to sharing the experience with you.

Birte Rask Rasmussen

As the youngest member of the Active Tromsø family, “B” is the resident world traveler. With an infinite excitement for life, this Danish girl has lived and worked in London, Thailand and Germany.

Having not seen sub-zero temperatures in years, she is eager to spend some quality time in the snow.

“B” has a degree in Nutrition & Health and has worked as a personal trainer in CrossFit. She has a hands-on attitude to life and can be a playful soul.

Kristin Akselsen

Kristin has been running dogs for eight years – jumping in head first at a sled dog school in Malangen, Norway. The hook was set, and dog sledding became her life. She has been working at different kennels all over Sweden and Norway.

Kristin has seven beautiful dogs of her own: Yana, Panda, Aurora, Vega, Sven as well as Mia and Alice, two adorable puppies. Her goal is to give you the same thrill she gets every time she takes her dogs out for a run.

Kristin is looking forward to sharing with you the beauty and excitement of her favorite sport.

Martin Saravin

Martin began mushing in 2010 and has been guiding dog sled trips in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. He came to Norway for the first time this year to work for Active Tromsø. We consider ourselves fortunate that he has chosen to stay for this winter.

Martin enjoys woodworking, working with metal, and the outdoors. He especially loves being out on the trails with our beautiful huskies surrounded by the glorious mountains.

Martin looks forward to spending time with you and sharing an adventure of a lifetime.