One Week Of Active Dog Sledding

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Escape from the noise and stress of everyday living and join us on a week long adventure in the pristine Arctic wilderness, where the only sounds are the sled running on the snow and the breathing of the dogs.

This is a unique trip, each days travel will be decided by the weather and adjusted to suit the preferences of our participants.
Our trips are small and personal with no more than 8 guests. Camping in the winter and caring for your dogs quickly bonds you together to make lifetime friends and memories.

Our trails will lead you through the winter wonderland of frozen lakes, forests and majestic mountains. On route, look out for fox, owl, snow grouse, eagle, reindeer and moose





02.-10. April, 11.-19. April, 20.-28. April, 30. April-08. May


Norway, Sweden, Finland

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9 days

Your personal guide Tore Albrigtsen has, for more than 35 years, successfully participated in numerous long distance sled dog races. At this date, the bona fide wilderness guide is the only Scandinavian musher to have competed in the two world’s longest sled dog races in the same year, known as The Yukon Quest 1000 Mile International Sled Dog Race (1600 km) and The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race (1850 km).

This trip is suitable for anyone with a good fitness. We do not recommend to join the activity if you suffer from back pain, epilepsy or heart problems or in the later stages of pregnancy.

Your trip includes the following
your personal guide Tore Albrigtsen
full mushing instructions
arctic proof boots, winter clothing
camping gear
all meals (dinner, lunch, breakfast)
transfer from and to the city centre of Tromsø
Please note our recommendations of items to bring on the trip
A complete list of items to bring on the trip will be provided on booking

Day 1

Day 1
Travel Day. Book your individual flight to Tromsø TOS and one night in a hotel in town (flight arrangements/overnight accommodation on your own). Enjoy some free time to explore Tromsø today.

Day 2

Pick-up 11 am at your hotel. At our basecamp on Kvaløya, you will meet our adorable Alaskan Huskies in the dog yard. From here, we will take you to our local community cabin on the fjord side, where you will receive safety instructions, dog sled theory and training for the trip. After a group dinner, you will settle down together on your sleeping mats and reindeer skins for your first night before the big adventure.

Day 3

Pick-up 8 am. Be sure to eat a full breakfast as we will have a long day ahead of us. After loading the dogs into the dog truck, we will drive out to the starting point of our trip near the Lyngen Alps (Norway). You will be shown your own team of huskies who will be your companies for the duration of your expedition. Here, we will unload and start our trip. This evening will be our first night in the tents.

Day 4 to 7

Live the dream and discover the scenery of Northern Norway, Sweden and Finland by dog sled. Each day will be uniquely different as you travel through wooded valleys, mountain passes and frozen lakes.

Day 8

Half a day of dog sledding as we arrive at our end goal Kiruna (Sweden). Use the afternoon to step off the sled and explore the famous ice hotel. Return to Tromsø by bus. Enjoy a hot shower after the trip and join everyone for a last communal dinner together at DaPinocchio.
Your overnight accommodation at Radisson Blu Hotel is included in the package.

Day 9

Travel Day. Book your individual flight from Tromsø TOS (flight arrangements on your own).


It is possible to book the return flight from Kiruna KRN.


You will not be charged now, first we have to agree upon dates and availability. Just complete the checkout process and you will see that the only checkout option will be: ‘Check booking availability’ as payment method – in laymen term this means nothing to pay – and this is just a request for your selected number of people at that given week.

Had an absolute amazing time husky training! The dogs were so hard-working, eager for the run, and they were the cutest things ever! We took turns so everyone in the group had the opportunity to steer. Our guide Tore was very experienced, and had many awesome stories to tell. Highly recommend this if you're in Tromsø.
Yuen Ng
Yuen Ng
We went on the husky training with Tore today and had a great time! The dogs were amazing and Tore had lots of interesting stories from his adventures. Thanks again for the amazing morning! �
Fiona Lam
Fiona Lam
Most amazing experience with Tore and his huskies in the woods today! Thoroughly enjoyed training the dogs and chatting over coffee afterwards. Thank you so much!
Carrie Leung
Carrie Leung
We went first on the sea kayaking tour, and then the glacier walk the day after that - and i would definitely recommand both of them! Really active days, we were amazingly surprised by the quality of both tours & Tore is very interesting.
Stéphanie Bailly
Stéphanie Bailly
What an incredible experience! If you ever entertained the idea of trying sea kayaking, but had second thoughts, give this tour a chance! Our guide, Tore, was a certified instructor and he ensured we knew what to do before we set out. He was very knowledgeable and at no time did I ever feel in danger. For him safety was paramount. He was also a great story-teller and it was evident he loved his country and loved sharing it with others. The scenery was indescribably beautiful- the majestic fjord, the still green waters reflecting the mountains like a mirror, huge Norwegian jellyfish, and even a bottle nose dolphin came up for air near us. This experience of kayaking above the Arctic Circle in untouched beauty, is one I will never forget! Thank-you!
Patricia Kumentas
Patricia Kumentas
Amazing and unforgettable glacier hike tours, wellness for body and soul.
Petri Teräväinen
Petri Teräväinen
Experience of the life time. I think I couldn't choose better place to come for husky sledding. Such a passionate people running this business just pleasure to be around them.
Magdalena Sulkowska
Magdalena Sulkowska
A perfect day!Lovely animals, terrific scenarios, great physical activity, all this combined by an efficient and kind staff.After the opening briefing it's only you and nature!felling with dogs is wonderful!
Vally Valentina
Vally Valentina
Really great day - good guides and happy to let us all get on with it and enjoy our own experiences. Would definitely recommend you guys thank you! 🙂
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson
I had the the most incredible day with the Huskies- definitely recommend the day tour, even in polar night it's a brilliant way to see the scenery.
Katy Morrison
Katy Morrison
Thank you for an incredible trip and an unforgettable life experience. I'm so delighted I was able to track you down to return for a second instalment of one of the most inspiring and challenging holidays! Having been on the 6 day dog sledding expedition before I knew a little of what to expect but you took this to a whole ‘nother level with your expertise and drive to show us what was special to you. Your knowledge of this land is remarkable!As well as the scenery and camping locations you guided us to, one salient point I forgot to thank you for was creating the most graceful looking camps. Laying a trail, allowing us to sweep around to shape a gathering of people that could in fact, compliment the surrounding landscape. Just Brilliant! You took a bunch of people of different strengths and ensured you helped people at their weakest points and gave responsibility to those who wanted it. Your equipment is nothing but the best! Stylish and very comfy.... We looked good! Of course technically you cant get better for these conditions.I cant forget to mention the welcome we got on arrival, your premises is wonderful, what a phenomenal view! Such a happy welcome with a real personal and authentic approach. I can’t wait to come back next year for my 3rd instalment and bring friends. Also to try your kayaking trips in the midnight sun. I wish you guys could lead me through all my adventures!
Angie Cruse
Angie Cruse