Corona Knockout

Taking care of each other is more important than ever

written by Sandra Sabine Gollor

Time stands still. The coronavirus remains a challenge for everyone. All over the world people loose their loved ones, battle serious illnesses, and are not able to be with their families at Christmas. Companies go bankrupt, unemployment grows. Billions of people face financial concerns. The festival of love truly has changed into a time of despair and helplessness.

Fortunately, our families are not sick, and that we are very thankful for. But this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year characterized by dog sleigh rides and happy guests. This year is different, gloomy. Travellers, who were excited about their winter vacation, are not allowed to enter the country, and cancel their reservations. And as if handling the impact of the pandemic wasn’t challenging enough, the snow gods aren’t much helpful either. It doesn’t snow. It’s winter, and it just won’t snow. So we can’t even take the residents of Tromsø out on dog sleigh rides.

It’s no secret that the tourism and hospitality industry are experiencing huge difficulties. Active Tromsø and most of our colleagues have already struggled a lot. Sadly, we still have a very demanding time ahead of us. So please make sure to support local businesses, if you have the financial means to do it. Buy gift cards for later from us or any other local supplier. Order take-out, tip generously, consider how you cancel. Every transaction is precious. Support them right now, or they will be forced to shut down for good.

Take care of yourself, your loved ones and everyone around you. May this Christmas be filled with true miracles.

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